L'Anxoveta  Traditional production of anchovies and select aperitifs

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Truffe Façon Caviar

Product Selection

We have a wide range of major brands in order to satisfy your every need:
Olasagasti: A variety of tuna and Bonito del Norte (white tuna) and the best canned ventresca tuna (tuna belly).
Kaspia: Beluga, Sevruga, Osetra and cultivated sturgeon caviar, as well as Salmon and Trout roe.
Coquet: Navarre and imported asparagus, artichoke, baby broad beans and other natural products.
Truffe Façon Caviar: Using 100 % Melanosporum truffle, a new product has been created that may be referred to as "Caviar style Truffle", as this is a truffle with a caviar texture, which is an exquisite accompaniment to any great meal.